The Voice Is No More..Whitney Houston Dead At 48

Sitting here barely able to grasp the reality that my favorite singer of all time has been called away from this earth, I reflect upon the angelic voice that belted out songs that helped me through this maze of life and inspired me to see the beauty in song and this journey.

She was born to bless us here on earth with melodic harmony that would send chills through our bodies like a brisk winter wind, then at the next moment firmly embrace us and gently warm us via words of inspiration from a powerful instrument deep within her unlike no other.

My dearest Whitney, thank you so much for giving so much of yourself until there was no more to give.  Your journey with us here was short with many valleys and canyons, but now that it's over here, I almost dare to envy those in your presence now--in the heavens above rejoicing having you with them.  

Please tell Michael hello for me. Give Etta my love.  "At Last" "You Are Not Alone".

I hope to see you in my dreams because "I Will Always Love You."

Your biggest fan.

P.S....Bobbi Kristina, I dedicate this song to your mom.


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