Jaden Smith ft. Justin Bieber...LOVE ME LIKE YOU DO

Rihanna Wants You To STAY (Chris)

Rihanna debuts here single 'Stay' from her upcoming album 'Unapologetic' available November 19.

Fruit In The Garden Of Eden

Oooooooooooooooooooooo! Guess he don't want no pussy---cat!

AMC Angels ft. Pebbelz da Model

Just a bonus picture video of bitches serving mad booty!

Elmo Scandal Causes Elmo To Walk Away From Sesame Street

I must've been living under a rock somewhere in Timbuktu because I didn't know Elmo was gay!  Well, I mean the guy who has been the voice of Elmo for decades, Kevin Clash.

A 23-year-old man is hurling accusations that Clash, 52, began a sexual relationship him while the boy was only 16.

Clash has admitted that he and the accuser had a sexual relationship, but only after the accuser became of legal age.

'I had a relationship with [the accuser].  It was between two consenting adults and I am deeply saddened that he is trying to make it into something it was not.' 

Clash who was the subject of a documentary states that the claims are false and defamatory.

The accuser says he went to Sesame Street attorneys and claims they are trying to sweep the scandal under the rug, so he hired attorneys from the law firm Andreozzi and Associates--the firm that worked with one of the victims in the Jerry Sandusky child molestation case.

Clash has taken a leave of absence from Sesame Street to focus on clearing his name and salvaging his reputation.  

No word if Elmo will be taking a leave of absence as well or if Elmo will carry on and have to stand on his own two feet.  As they say, "The show must go on!"

Rick Ross ft. Wale & Drake...DICED PINEAPPLES (Explicit)

Flatmobile Is The Lowest Street Legal Car In The World

Smallest Sportscar 02
Owner Perry Watkins admires his prized possession.
Inspired by the Batmobile, the Flatmobile is officially recognized as the world's lowest street legal car by the Guinness Book of World Records.  The Flatmobile is only 19 inches high and rear mounted with a 875cc engine. 
 Here are the technical specs. of the Flatmobile...

Donor car -1963 Hillman Imp
30″ height sectioned out from body
Ground clearance
-5′ 5″
Combustion Engine
-Hillman Imp 875 Sport
Jet engine
-DIY gas turbine
Suspension rear
-Standard springs and shocks on rear but cut down
Suspension front
-Avro shocks with adjustable height 4″ springs
-Cosmic alloys 10×6J
-Goodyear Eagles 205 x 50 x 10

Check out more pics of the FlatMobile below...

Smallest Sportscar 03
Smallest Sportscar 04
Smallest Sportscar 05
Smallest Sportscar 06
Smallest Sportscar 07
Smallest Sportscar 08
Smallest Sportscar 09

FLATMOBILE – The build

THE FLATMOBILE – Early days, starting the build

The Donors
Off with the roof
11″ off the mid
That’s more like it

Floor pan
Ready to fit jet
Rear end
With fins

Wheel arches
Taking shape
Driving position
Building the jet
Turbo charger
Flame tube
combustion chamber
combustion chamber

Jet rear view
Fitting to car

Oil tank
Filter,pump,and oil cooler
All plumbed in & ready to go
Protype control panel

Temp Probe
Sensor unit
Fibre optic sensor
Sensor mount

R.P.M. computer
Housing mount
CO2 start up kit

March/April 2007 – Taking shape
Rear lights
Wings with lights
Front on
Polished Afterburner

Taking shape – Side view
Taking shape – Rear view

11th June 2007
Driving position
Toothy grin !
Jag on blocks ?

Cockpit cover
More cover
Steering column

30th June 2007
Dials & gauges
Finished cover
Tail lenses on
Giz us a go Dad

Paint job soon.

4th August2007
Ready for a test run
Dials ‘n’ knobs

Oh bugger! The jets on fire !!

October 2007 – Next step ‘Off to the paint shop’
November 2007 – In the paint shop

January 2008 – Back from the paint shop

05-03-2008 MOT time

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